A Week with the Colorado Vincentian Volunteers

The Colorado Vincentian Volunteers are a group of young adults who do full-time service in Denver for a year or more.

There is no act of charity that is not

For spring break, I (along with a campus minister, a GA and nine other students) will be spending a week with them, doing various types of service work and exploring the mission of good old St. V. de P.

I am super excited about this opportunity because the Boyfriend and I would love to take advantage of a service year like the CVV does after he graduates. We’ll get a chance to experience many different service sites. My main one will be a school.

I’m also very excited to sit down with the owners of SAME Cafe, a restaurant that serves a different menu of organic/local food each day. Everyone is encouraged to enjoy a meal, and you can choose to make a donation or to volunteer in exchange for the food. Pretty cool idea, right?

We are staying in a church basement, so I will be out of touch for the next week. I may or may not get some posts scheduled ahead of time. Have a great spring break readers!

  • http://www.blog.theregularguynyc.com Phil

    Sounds like a nice way to give back and spend your time off.

    • Liv

      It was pretty fantastic! I’ll be writing about it soon.