Between the Vatican and the Gardens

I was excited to tour the Vatican Gardens on my recent trip to Rome, as tickets are expensive and I didn’t have a chance to go when I studied there. However, due to the pope’s schedule that day, we were unable to do the full tour and instead got a guided tour of Vatican City in general.

Enjoy these photos from behind the scenes!

IMG_2570Instead of the actual gardens, we saw these gardens, where vegetables are grown.

IMG_2566A view across Rome from the top of a hill.

IMG_2563Also up there was this really cool pirate ship fountain.

IMG_2565 IMG_2560


This tower is one of the oldest buildings in Vatican City. IMG_2569It contains this staircase that was built for horses to be able to carry riders to the top, like a primitive stairlift chair.

IMG_2575This beautiful courtyard ramp connects to the back of the Vatican Library/Archives and a parking lot. I was lucky to get a photograph without being run over by a Fiat.

“Love generates faith, and faith sustains love.” –Archbishop Rino Fischichella, of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization

I have a few more photos on this theme to share tomorrow.

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  • Felecia Efriann

    I enjoying getting a tour of the Vatican Gardens through your photos, makes me want to visit Rome one day all the more.

    • Olivia

      Thanks Felecia…Rome is an amazing city.

  • Megan Thudium

    I’ve been all over Europe except Rome!! Loved your pictures.

    • Olivia

      Thanks Megan! Love the inspired bundle! I think that Rome is a must-see…although I have much left to visit in Europe!

      • Megan Thudium

        Make sure Croatia is on your list. ;)

  • Ktcyril

    Wow. It’s just so beautiful.