Biking East Aurora


I am extraordinarily sedentary. It’s not necessarily that I don’t like to move, I’m just content not to do so.

East Aurora, on the other hand, is a town of walkers and bikers and skateboarders and people who generally enjoy moving, and we only own one car, so I am learning to embrace physical activity.

Rick chickened out of the Naked Bike Ride, due to the legal implications, and instead we went on a long ride around the town, finally getting around to checking out Majors Park and Cazenovia Creek.

Besides the necessary commute, I’ve been more interested in biking lately thanks to this bad boy:

cruiser bike

A bright pink cruiser that’s just fun to ride. With my notebook in the basket, every day is an adventure in the life of Olivia Cunningham, Girl Reporter.

bike basket pathAlthough I don’t think I’ll ever be called athletic, I’m enjoying being active more than I thought I would, and this summer’s mix of low stress, accountability, necessary movement and adventure have been good.


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