Five Friday Favorites

I have way too many things to love, but here’s a few, bloggy buddies. <3













Flying domestically. Also, airline snacks.


Making the masthead of the Torch.


Crosswords on a Monday.













Best friends who give you Christmas gifts like this keychain shaped like toast: “because you’re cheerful and classic and everyone likes you!” Happy February birthdays to Sheila the Domestic Goddess, Jordan, Mairead, Patrick and the Boyfriend!













Breakfast foods.


Linking up with Elizabeth at Beauty Observed; go check out her blog, it’s full of the beautiful things in life!

  • Phil

    Cool toast keychain! Now I also want french toast.

  • Eddie

    Hey. Eddie here – web guy behind Elizabeth’s Beauty Observed site. I just want to say that FRENCH TOAST IS THE BOMB. (I am old, but that is young-person speak for, “I really enjoy french toast.”)

    Eddie Nicholson

  • Liv

    Thanks for the comments guys! I didn’t intend for this to be toast-themed, but evidently it did…I guess I just love toast.