Liv Local: Denver (part one)

So IF you are visiting Denver (and you happen to be accompanied by a campus minister, and you have a fairly limited amount of time and money) definitely follow some of my suggestions. Stay tuned for other posts in this particular series!


Visit the Molly Brown House

Molly Brown is, let’s be real, a historical badass. Also, Catholic. 

She married a guy after meeting him at a picnic (I love picnics) and a few years later he was a kajillionaire. They had kids and lived in this house and so on and so forth, but she’s most famous for surviving the Titanic. 

Legend has it that she was bossing the crew around because (clearly) they were not doing their jobs efficiently, so they picked her up and forced her into a lifeboat to get rid of her, which ironically meant that she was alive bossing people around for a whole lot longer than she would’ve been otherwise. 

Being an outspoken lady gets good things done, my friends.

She was also very philanthropic and had quite the collection of curios.

I actually really enjoyed this tour, because I love interpretation and I was also once employed at a Historic Mansion. Worth a visit!

Cost: about $8

Location: very convenient to downtown/central Denver!

  • Pamela Houskeeper

    Let’s hear it for bossy women!