One Year With Papa Francesco

One year ago on a rainy night in Rome, Jorge  Mario Bergoglio was elected to lead the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics as pope on the fifth ballot of the conclave.

In his first address to the crowds outside St. Peter’s Basilica, Bergoglio, who took the name Francis, asked Christians around the world to pray with him for his reign as pontiff and for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. He then led the 100,000 observers packed into the square in reciting the Our Father, Glory Be and Hail Mary.

This humble tone has continued through the whirlwind first year of his papacy. In fact, the motto Francis chose is “miserando atque eligendo”: lowly, yet chosen, according to the Vatican website.

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I cannot believe that it’s been a whole year since my overly excited #popefangirl self stood outside for nine hours in the rain hoping that the cardinals would elect a pontiff.


I prepared extensively and learned so much about the ways of the Church in the days leading up to the conclave.

I stood through the first ballot, and sighed when black smoke poured out of that tiny chimney. 

I gasped and cheered when the next smoke was white (and ahead of schedule!) and grabbed my friends by the hand and ran to the center of the square, underneath the loggia, to await the revelation of the newest successor of Peter. Reading my first post after the conclave almost made me cry today, people.

I was so excited about Francis from the start, and he has not disappointed me.


It is sadly midterms week (coming off a week of service during which I didn’t have a computer and hardly any internet), so I don’t have too much time to be posting. 

I do have a new theme, which I’m really excited about, but I need the time to customize it (and make the text not so gray). 

Coming up I hope to write about more Pope things/the feast of St. Joseph, my week in Denver with the Vincentians, Lent, and how to navigate the stations of the cross in Rome. 

  • Phil

    I do like this new Pope. He seems like a caring man and one of the people, plus he is actually pretty cool! I love how he has been sneaking away at night to be with the regular and poor people and help them from what I have read.