The 5 Shocking Things I’m Doing This Summer (#1 will surprise you)


I don’t totally love nature. It’s beautiful, it’s fun, etc etc, but I like to see it from inside just as well. But I do enjoy low-commitment activities such as leisurely bike rides, short hikes and walks to the ice cream store, so I plan on spending a chunk of time this summer outdoors, enjoying nature and taking some pictures.

3I love writing. Especially in cafes, because I’m apparently a walking sterotype. I’ve done all sorts of writing this summer: more regular blogging, handwritten letters (send me your address if you want one), writing that’s just for me and of course writing for my job and other outlets.


It’s been about a month and I’ve read six or seven books…so I’m doing slightly better than one a week, but not as many as I could read. I’m really trying to set aside some time each day in the morning or evening and on my lunch break to read a few pages.

Reading is so rewarding.


I would love to watch TV, especially since I now have a TV in my living room for the first time in a couple of years, but the summer programming is a disappointment this year.

“I Wanna Marry Harry” was too inane even for me (secret: I adore bad television, especially bad dating or competition shows). The Bachelorette has lost its sparkle. Masterchef is the same every single year. Food Network Star is never on. Ugh.

And I’ve run out of episodes of Miranda, which is just SUCH. FUN. Watch it on Hulu ASAP, my chums.


I love food. I like trying new foods, and shopping for foods, and cooking new foods, and I even like when people refer to foods as “eats,” because I think that’s funny. 


This post is part of the #SummerBloggerChallenge, which has a new prompt each week!

Shoutout to Buzzfeed, my dream job, for inspiring today’s title.


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  • Kimberly Walker

    Haha I love this! That pie looks oh so delicious

    • Olivia

      thanks kimberly! it was one of the best pieces of pie i’ve ever had.

  • Phil Holtberg

    I’m al about finding and trying new foods. I also call them eats!

    • Olivia

      i love your restaurant reviews, phil! any interest in putting together a cheap eats in nyc guide sometime in the next few months? it’d help me out a lot ;)

      • Phil Holtberg

        Thanks! Let me know when you are coming an I’ll send you a list of good spots! I’m also an Elite on Yelp and have a bunch of lists there.

        • Olivia

          I’ll be back at the end of August! I have a class that ends at 4:30 on Fridays this semester, so my friends and I will definitely need places to go after that. I’ll check your Yelp too!

  • Jess Fets

    Eating food and reading is basically my entire summer too! That pie looks TOO GOOD! Have a fun summer!

    • Olivia

      thanks jess! if only i didn’t have to work, lol.

  • Jessica Cook

    Sounds like a great plan! Enjoy!

    • Olivia

      thanks jessica!

  • MarieNoel Marietta Grant

    I love this post. And i definitely want a letter from you

    • Olivia

      send me your address! :) i just finished one to my roommate a few minutes ago.

      • MarieNoel Marietta Grant

        all right!!!!
        P.O. Box WJ 323,
        Weija, Accra
        Ghana, West Africa.
        I’m waiting, so excited.