The Flat White

This is the story of a girl, a coffee, love, and disenchantment.


The Flat White was one of the highlights of my trip to Europe. I’m not joking; I really, really like coffee.

This delicious and mysteriously-named drink originated in Australia (thus sayeth Wikipedia) and consists of 2 “ristretto” shots (espresso with less water than a normal shot) and “microfoamed” milk. I discovered it on Hogmanay in Scotland and I felt very cultured, until, less than a week later, Starbucks announced that the flat white was the newest addition to their espresso family.


I was slightly bitter about how Starbucks took away my coffee cachet, but yesterday I got over myself and tried the flat white there…..

….and it’s delicious. 

So in short, I love the flat white. It’s replaced the cappuccino as my new go-to drink.

My love for Starbucks is significantly smaller than my love for coffee, but it’s the best espresso on campus, so I will continue to drink it…plus, I’m not that far away from a gold card. Plus, they now have the flat white. 

coffee love heart cappuccino fancyPlus, coffee=love. 


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  • Earl-Leigh

    I’ve never had a flat white before. I’ll fix that this weekend!

  • Vicky

    I’ve seen the signs for the Flat White but wasn’t sure what it was, so thank you for explaining it!! Now, I need to try it! (plus it just sounds cool :)) #bloggingelite