The Surf’s Up VoxBox: Review

IMG_1750I know, I know: every blogger in the universe got a VoxBox this month.

However, I was absolutely shocked to get picked for the Surf’s Up box. I am, frankly, the least beachy person on the face of the earth. I hate the sun. I tolerate sand for approximately five minutes, then I start complaining and feeling sorry for the bedouins. Summer is not my season. So this was a surprise!


I don’t have a whole ton to report with this box. First up is the nail polish. My take: great polish, terrible color. I never ever wear orange or anything that matches orange, even. I know there were different colors, so I guess I was just unlucky!


It went on pretty nicely and didn’t chip substantially for about a week. This is a day or two in. It was pretty happy and sunshiney, so turned out better than I thought. I’d buy the polish, but not this color.


This is my favorite thing from the box: it’s aloe vera gel mixed with lotion, which helps on a sunburn. As an exceedingly fair person, I think this is genius. I don’t really get the “refreshing ribbons” thing, especially since it comes out of the bottle barely visible, but this lotion gets two thumbs up.


Jamba Juice Smoothie Kit coupons! Very nice, but smoothies aren’t really part of my diet and it also requires that you buy juice, which I don’t ordinarily (aren’t you proud, mama?). This will be a nice treat sometime this summer.


Ummm so the First Aid Shot…something about this seems off to me. Our parents all taught us that medicine isn’t candy, and it’s bad to medicate with liquor, but now grown-up medicine is served in shot form? I can’t quite put my finger on what bothers me, but this does.

I haven’t tried it yet.

The last thing in the box was either mascara or shampoo/conditioner samples. Sadly, I got the shampoo/conditioner. I hate buying makeup so I always hope to get it for free! The Not Your Mother’s Beach Waves Shampoo set is nice, but doesn’t do much for me as I already have wavy/curly hair that’s been going crazy in the humidity. I’ll probably pass this one on to my sister, who likes the wavy beach look.

I absolutely love VoxBoxes, but this one was a swing and a miss for me. The products were all fine and fun, but I wouldn’t try any except the lotion on my own.


All products received for free from Influenster for testing purposes. I did not receive any other compensation; all opinions, however poorly formed, are my own.


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  • Alaska Renee

    Haha, at first I was completely jealous of whoever got this voxbox but seeing your thoughts changed my mind!

    • Olivia

      Lol it would be a great box if you loved the sun, etc, but the products just weren’t me at all!