Weekly Wishes #5

The Nectar Collective
Like a true journalist, I have mostly emerged, mostly unscathed, from the crippling pile of deadlines that overwhelmed me last week.
This week I want to:
  • Finish some articles I’ve been working on and write for the blog as well
  • Successfully complete 100 Hours of Poverty, a challenge we’re doing at school where you live for 100 hours on the budget of someone who is on food assistance. 
  • Get enough sleep and enjoy a week where I don’t have too much going on!

I think I can accomplish that! What do you want to get done this week?

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  • http://theinspirationhat.blogspot.com/ Melinda

    Hello Liv, your 100 hours of poverty challenge sounds very intriguing! I look forward to reading your experiences. :)

    • Olivia

      Thanks for stopping by Melinda! I’m excited to write about it, it seems like people are interested!

      • http://theinspirationhat.blogspot.com/ Melinda

        No wonder, it’s a very interesting topic. :)

  • http://www.estherandjacob.com/ esther julee

    the 100 hours of poverty challenge sounds really interesting. a couple of my friends did something similar for a week and they told me it was extremely challenging. best of luck on your goals this week and i would love to hear more. maybe might take on the challenge for myself. :)

    • Olivia

      It is very challenging! It’s nice to do it with my school since a lot of people I know are trying the challenge as well, but it’s still pretty difficult. Thanks for commenting!

  • http://www.thehungrygoat.net Ktcyril

    Wow. Same as Esther. That 100 Hours of poverty sounds so interesting. I would love to hear more about that! Good luck with getting some sleep! haha

    • Olivia

      Thanks Katie! Loved your halloween costume btw!!